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About Us

About Singers for Funerals

Singers for Funerals offers you superb singers for all types of funerals in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and London. (And further afield on request!)

We are professional opera singers with years of experience singing in almost every space imaginable. We use our natural voices to fill a church, chapel, crematorium or burial space with beautiful singing.

We don’t use microphones and we bring our own discreet Bose speaker system and recorded accompaniments for items not suitable for organ accompaniment, or when an organist is not present.

Whether you wish one funeral song or two, a mix of songs and hymns, or just a strong, confident voice to lead the hymn singing, we’re happy to help.

Call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss your requirements.


Email us with details of what you’re looking for.

Meet our highly experienced funeral singers

Your funeral soloists for the Hampshire, Surrey, London and Berkshire areas, Toni Nunn and Kirsty Young are professional opera singers with experience performing in a wide range of churches large and small, and hundreds of other venues across the UK.

Singing either as soloists or as a duo, Toni and Kirsty offer a wide range of both classical and favourite songs for all types of funerals in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey & London. Whether you want one funeral song or several, a voice to lead the hymn singing or a special song sung, we are happy to help.

For an experienced funeral singer and friendly, informed help, call us on 01252 511 762.


Toni Nunn

Toni Nunn - funeral singer

I’m sure you have been told a million times before about your magical voice but I will just have to make it one million and one. Your voice made the funeral service into something really special.

Dawn, mother-in-law's funeral, Liss

Kirsty Young

Kirsty Young - funeral singer

Just to say a huge thank you for singing at my father’s funeral yesterday. You have the voice of an angel, and the entrance solo set the scene for a very moving service.

Leonard, father's funeral, Bordon

Funeral singer prices and availability

Our fees start from just £175 per soloist, including free travel for funerals near our base in Farnborough, Hampshire. This covers us attending the whole service, so if you want us to lead the congregation in hymn singing, as well as sing a solo or two, we’ll happily do that. It won’t cost you any more – we never charge by the song.

Ring us now on 01252 511 762 to check availability and to discuss your choice of memorable funeral music.

What is a funeral singer?

A funeral singer is a vocalist who specialises in singing at funeral services. We’ll be honest, it’s not a job every singer can do. It takes a combination of professionalism, experience and commitment to:

  • be organised and fully rehearsed on arrival

  • sing when most of those around you may be in tears

  • be respectful to the “guest of honour”

  • learn and perform a wide variety of music in a very short timespan

We’d also add that it takes a certain mindset too. We genuinely are pleased to sing, to help and to comfort through music, and we feel honoured to be part of such an important family occasion even just for an hour or two.

Call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss how we can help celebrate a life with song.

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