Can you perform gospel songs?

2020-06-16T16:20:26+01:0016 June 2020|

Our soloists are experienced classical singers, and do not have experience in gospel singing. (We love it, but we just can't do it justice!)

Can you sing songs by my favourite artists?

2020-06-16T16:19:14+01:0016 June 2020|

Yes, with one caveat: If you love a song AND the person who sings it (such as Frank Sinatra singing “My way” or Bette Midler singing “Wind beneath my wings”) play the CD track. If you love a song, and enjoy listening to different versions (such as the Judy Garland and Eva Cassidy versions

Do you recite funeral poems?

2020-06-16T16:18:25+01:0016 June 2020|

Yes, often friends and family, find that reading at this emotional gathering may sometimes be impossible, so we are happy to assist. Remember, there are often musical settings of famous poems which we could sing as an alternative.

Do you just sing for traditional funerals?

2020-08-23T16:54:50+01:0016 June 2020|

​While both our main singers have been brought up in Christian traditions (Church of England and Catholic), we are more than happy to provide funeral songs for any kind of celebration of a life, including humanist / civil funerals, and memorial services.

How far do you travel?

2020-06-16T16:16:36+01:0016 June 2020|

We are happy to travel to locations in London, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Berkshire, but do call us to discuss locations further afield. Travel up to 5 miles locally from our base in Farnborough is free, after which we charge a modest fee based on mileage and accessibility of location. We also have

Music in funerals: who organises what?

2020-06-16T16:14:21+01:0016 June 2020|

When a family member or funeral director calls us, we discuss ideas for suitable music for the funeral service. We can liaise with the minister taking the funeral if required, and ensure that the music is appropriate for both the family and the service. We then liaise with the organist or pianist (if any),

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