When it comes to planning a funeral service, your family may face numerous decisions and choices. One of the common questions is whether to have a choir or a solo singer perform during the service. While the traditional choice may be a choir, having a solo singer rather than a full choir may better suit the needs and desires of you and your family. 

Many families ask us about having a choir, and we always give them the same answer: whether in a church, cathedral or crematorium, you really don’t need one. At first, the idea of a single vocalist leading the hymns and providing solos may seem unconventional. But there are several distinct advantages to opting for a solo singer.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a soloist is their exceptional vocal abilities. A solo singer is trained to project their voice over an orchestra and still be heard even in the largest of venues, while in a choir, individual voices can become lost in the collective sound. Having a solo singer ensures that every word and every note is clear and easily discernible, creating a more immersive and meaningful experience for all in attendance. Our highly experienced soloists, who have decades of experience performing with a full-size orchestra and being heard at the back of a 2000-seat theatre. This brings a unique and unforgettable element to your funeral service.

A huge thank you. You were absolutely brilliant. With your wonderful singing we certainly didn’t need a choir. Everyone said how fantastic you made the celebration of mum’s life. Such a wonderful idea. I will be singing your praises far and wide.  Thank you once again.

MM, mother’s funeral Wokingham Baptist church

Contrary to what some may assume, having a solo singer does not mean the singing will be loud or overbearing. On the contrary, our soloists possess a clear, beautiful voice that gracefully leads hymns and encourages others to join in. They also offer the opportunity to have solos during moments of reflection, when the solo voice gently resonates throughout the space creating a powerful and intimate atmosphere during your loved one’s funeral.

Thank you Toni, you singing was truly special and your leading of the hymns gave encouragement to us to join in. But having your solos were the icing on the cake. Truly memorable.

KS, mothers funeral, Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Farnham

Our solo singers also provide for a highly personal, customised experience. With nearly 500 funerals under our belt, our soloists are well-versed in a wide range of musical styles from sacred classics to contemporary songs. Our versatility allows us to cater to the specific preferences of each family, ensuring that the music resonates with the emotions and sentiments of those present. Unlike choirs that may be constrained by time limitations and struggle to learn new material in time, our soloists can learn and perform your family’s musical requests, even at short notice.

Thank you so much helping to make mother’s funeral special. You sang beautifully at the beginning and the end of the service and so many people said how lovely the Ave Maria and the Carnival is Over were.

But you really saved the day by leading the hymns.  Your lovely voice helped the congregation sing and it wouldn’t have been nearly as moving if you hadn’t been there.  Thank you so so much.

CG, mother’s funeral, Putney Vale Crematorium

The decision to have a solo singer rather than a choir at a funeral goes beyond mere practicality; it is about creating a deeply personal and meaningful experience for both your family and the attendees. A soloist’s ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level is unparalleled. Whether through a heartfelt song, a powerful aria, or a comforting hymn, the soloist’s performance becomes a tribute to the life lived and a recognition of the impact left behind.

Your singing was more than beautiful, you created a wonderful spiritual atmosphere which was so moving. I really appreciated the way you seamlessly eased into each part of the service when you were singing. It meant a great deal to me that whilst reading, I glanced up and notice you sitting discreetly to the side – truly listening to the thoughts I was sharing. I shall always remember the way you connected with me and my mother whilst you sang. To do so with such respect and sensitivity is an incredible gift.

You made mum’s farewell an occasion which gave everyone something very beautiful and positive to reflect upon; a wonderful memory for each of us, which my mother would have really appreciated and enjoyed. 

DS mother’s funera,l St James’ church, Southampton

In addition to the emotional depth they bring, solo singers are often more practical than a choir:

  • Logistics:  Soloists don’t take up too much space! This is especially important in a small chapel or crematorium, ensuring that there is the space for all the mourners
  • Cost: As many church choirs are not available during the week, you would therefore be looking for a professional choir to come, they will cost a considerable amount

In our view, it is both more flexible and cost effective to have a soloist or two, to provide a very special and personal touch to your loved one’s funeral service. 

Everyone commented on what a beautiful voice you have and how it helped so much when you sang the hymns with us! Your version of Nunc Dimittis was perfect but made it very difficult not to cry. Your professionalism was much appreciated, and booking you was the best decision I made on behalf of Mum.You seemed to appear and disappear like a mirage when I would have liked to thank you in person, but even so your considerate discretion served to make the event seamless.

JS mother’s funeral, Guildford crematorium

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Deciding on a singer rather than the standard choir doesn’t have to be a stressful decision! Singers for Funerals soloists will help celebrate the life of your loved one, creating fond memories with your favourite music. 

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