Funeral hymns play a large part in many religious funeral services. They have become part of our culture and many seem almost second nature to us. You may wonder how you know the hymn even if you’re not a church goer!

Hymns express our feelings and faith of people across generations and experiences. Funeral hymns in particular help us express our emotions together.

However, as society has changed over the years, fewer people are regular church goers. Families are often concerned that the mourners at a funeral service may not all know the hymns chosen. So, how do you ensure that the hymns that have special meaning to your loved one are still sung at their funeral?

This is where Singers for Funerals can help. We are always happy to lead hymns during a service, so long as we know what the hymns are (and which tunes) in advance. We have many favourites in our repertoire. If it’s a new hymn to us we’ll learn it,

Here are the most popular hymns for funerals services we sang across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and outer London during 2018.

Top Ten funeral hymns in 2018

  • Amazing Grace
  • Abide with me
  • Make me a channel of your peace
  • Jerusalem
  • The Lord’s my Shepherd (Crimond)
  • Praise my soul the King of heaven
  • Morning has broken
  • I the Lord of sea and sky (here I am, Lord)
  • How Great Thou Art
  • All things bright and beautiful

Favourite Hymns for Funerals

These are just last year’s most popular hymns for funerals – if you have a favourite hymn you would like, do ask. We have a large repertoire of traditional hymns, modern hymns and worship songs suitable for all types of funeral services or memorial service.

​Feel free to call and discuss your requirements or ideas, on 01252 511 762.

Don’t I need a choir for hymn singing?

Many people assume they need a choir to sing the hymns, but with so many church choirs unavailable during the week, this can be a real problem.

With a soloist from Singers for Funerals, you won’t need a church choir to sing the hymns. We’ll sing them loud and clear, so everyone can join in if they wish or just humm along quietly to themselves. Families find our singing particularly useful in a chapel or crematorium, where people can feel more self-conscious about singing.

Call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss music for the funeral that’s personal to you and your family.

Thank you very much for your beautiful singing at L’s funeral. I was holding my daughter’s hand for the hymn and neither of us could sing as we were so choked. Suddenly we heard above all the strength and beauty of the most colourful enrichment to our grief. We found our voices and sang with you ’till the end. You can never know just what your sweet voices did for us, as no doubt to others too, and I will always treasure the moment.

BM, wife’s funeral, Hampshire