Choosing music for a Humanist or Civil Funeral can be a daunting task. You can have almost any type of music you wish, and there are no legal restrictions.

Humanist funerals or civil funerals are the perfect way to celebrate the life of a non-religious person. Often arranged in accordance of the wishes of the deceased, these ceremonies are created specifically to celebrate their life.

By their very nature, these are very personal, creative ceremonies, so the music possibilities are endless. Non-religious or religious music are both suitable for a Civil Funeral, though Humanist services are purely non-religious.

Your choice of music

You can choose the music that means most to you and your family. Songs can help both celebrate and remember the passing of a loved one. Having a favourite song sung live adds an extra level of thought, care and personalisation to the service.

Civil funeral services have very little formal structure so you can have as much or as little music as you wish. Having a solo song or two during a service gives another ‘voice’ apart from your celebrant. (They are often the only person speaking, as many families find reading a tribute too emotional for them.)

Top songs for civil funerals

Here are our Top 10 non-religious songs people have asked us to sing at non-religious funerals.

  • Over the Rainbow

  • Danny Boy
  • Lascia ch’io pianga
  • We’ll Meet Again
  • Do not stand at my grave and weep
  • You Raise Me Up
  • The fields of Athenry
  • Arms of an angel

  • Bring me sunshine