Music at a funeral service is often one of the first things to be discussed, as music has a great effect on people’s emotions.

Choosing music for a funeral can seem a daunting task, as you can have almost any type of music you wish at a funeral. Don’t feel pressured by this thought. Take time to consider if the deceased had favourite songs, hymns or instrumental music they loved. These pieces of music would add a greater meaning to the service, rather than just the first thing that come to mind.

At Singers for Funerals, we want you to feel free to choose the music that means most to you and your family:

  • You could combine recorded music and live singing
  • You might choose to have an organist play some traditional hymns
  • We could sing other items to backing tracks
  • You could simply play a track from CD

It’s entirely up to you.

How much music should I have at a funeral?

This is the most asked question, as very few of us have experience in planning funerals. The answer is usually 3 pieces of music, for a 30min funeral service.

  • One item when at the beginning, either when the coffin enters or just after
  • One funeral song during a period of quiet reflection around the committal
  • One item at the end of the service, usually an uplifting item to help mourners leave with a happy memory

If you are having a church funeral service, the timings are usually longer as the service can last from 30mins to almost 90mins.

Church funeral music

Church services would usually have music at the following points:

  • Entrance Song or Hymn
  • Psalm
  • A hymn during the service
  • Song of farewell at the committal
  • Recessional Song or hymn

Roman Catholic funeral music

If the funeral service is a Roman Catholic Requiem Mass, then there may be more:

  • Entrance Song or Hymn
  • Psalm
  • Offertory hymn

  • 2 Communion hymns

  • Song of farewell at the committal
  • Recessional Song or hymn

Music for Humanist or non-religious funerals

With secular celebrations, the sky’s the limit so to speak. There are no standard formats to follow, so you, your celebrant and singer/musician can create something really unique.

See our most popular songs for Humanist or civil funerals here

So there is much opportunity at a funerals to include music for a personalised farewell. We’re always happy to discuss ideas and our website has many suggestions of songs and hymns that would be suitable. Call us to discuss