Music for graveside, natural burials and green funerals

Whether you’re looking for singing at the graveside, or as part of a burial ground ceremony, Singers for Funerals can help. There are several options for burial, beyond the traditional interment in a church graveyard or cemetery. In all types of burial, you can choose to have music as part of the ceremony if you wish.

Graveyard or cemetery burials

Our singers are happy to stand at the graveside, and sing a song as your loved one is laid to rest.

We have a discreet wireless Bose speaker system that allows us to sing to our own pre-recorded accompaniment, for a wonderful sendoff with the music you want. We don’t use microphones, so the sound will be in keeping with the natural setting, blending a human voice and beautiful music in the open air.

Burials at burial grounds

Natural burial grounds and woodland burial grounds offer a natural alternative to the rather formal settings of traditional funerals and burials.

Your loved one can be laid to rest in a natural setting such as a meadow, a wood, or a field. Do check with your chosen burial ground regarding the facilities they provide for funerals, ceremonies or memorial services. Some have pavilions or covered areas, others just have the natural setting itself. We’ve always found our wireless system to be just right for burial funeral services, both inside and out.

Each ceremony is therefore unique, as individual as the person who has died, and as amazing as the life they’ve lived.

Planning a graveside ceremony or natural burial and want a singer?

Call us first. Not every funeral singer or agency can provide accompanied singing at the graveside, nor have the depth of experience we have doing this in sun, wind, rain or snow…

Funerals outside and the British weather

If your service funeral is to be held outside, there are a few practical considerations to think about. Consider the audibility of both the spoken word and any music if the site is exposed or windy, or it’s raining, as this will prevent the sound from travelling.

Singing outside is not an issue for our soloists. As professional opera singers, we spend much of the summer months singing outside anyway.

For funerals, we have a discreet self-powered Bose sound system that we pick up and carry to the grave site for our accompaniments. It’s plenty loud enough for a still or calm day and sounds great even on a site with no natural reverb/echo. The level of sound will inevitably be affected by cross winds, or the sound of falling rain, but we’ve always been heard and appreciated by mourners and visitors alike.

Interested in live singing at a burial? Do call us for more details – we’re happy to help, call us on 01252 511 762.

Green funerals and eco-friendly burials

A green funeral is one that aims to minimise the environmental impact, and return to a more simplistic, naturalistic approach. You will make choices on how and where you wish your loved one to be buried, how the body is preserved, and of course, the type of ceremony you wish to conduct. We would be more than happy to sing as part of any ceremony you choose.

Toni, thank you it was a wonderful send of for mum. Your voice resounding throughout the cemetery. A wonderful gift. Thanks once again.

KB mother’s funeral, Hither Green cemetery, London

Thank you so much Toni, That was wonderful, again. Your singing was really special and made the service truly beautiful. Having you sing at the graveside as well was brilliant, it really added to a personal send-off. My uncle would have been chuffed to have you singing for him.

PW, uncle's funeral, Durrington cemetery, West Sussex

That was brilliant! You are indeed a ‘star’, thank you so very much.

CB, mother’s funeral, Bybrook cemetery, Ashford, Kent

Thank you so much, the family asked me to call you to say how much they appreciated your singing. It gave a wonderful atmosphere to an otherwise sad occasion. And you rendition of Wind beneath my wings was stunning.

Funeral Director, St Sebastian’s cemetery, Wokingham, Berkshire

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