Catholic Funerals

Catholic Funerals

Music at catholic funerals

Singing is very much part of Catholic funerals and full requiem Masses, with specific opportunities for singing, chanting and responses throughout the service. We often sing six or more items during the service and that’s just fine with us.

At Singers for Funerals, we specialise in Catholic funerals. We discuss the music you want with you, your family, and are happy to talk your priest should the need arise. We know a large selection of Catholic hymns including modern favourites, and are always happy to learn new ones too!

Call us to discuss your requirements for live singing for a Catholic funeral.

Music in a catholic requiem mass

There are plenty of opportunities to sing during a Catholic funeral mass:

Over 220 catholic funerals

Organising a Catholic funeral?

Call us on 01252 511762 to discuss your music options and how our live singing can contribute so much to the funeral service.

We’ve sung over 220 catholic church funerals in all sizes of churches, chapels and cathedrals, so we have lots of experience and advice to share!

Roman Catholic funerals timings

If you are planning a full RC funeral Mass, this usually lasts around 80 – 90 minutes, depending on how many present take communion, etc. Catholic funeral services can be shorter and not include a full mass, especially if the family are them to move on to a cremation or burial at a set time. Check with your priest how long the service might be, so you can plan in time for your favourite music, readings, and eulogies.

Top Catholic hymns

The Catholic church has some truly wonderful hymns to choose from – the Laudate hymnbook lists over 900! Our professional soloists can sing the hymn as a solo and lead everyone in the hymn singing once this is allowed again. Check our blog for the latest information on professional singing in church wearing a face mask.

Favourite Catholic hymns include, Soul of my saviour, Here I am Lord, Make me a channel of your peace, and I watch the sunrise. You can discover more top hymns with accompanying sound files in our Catholic hymns for funerals article.

What music can I have at a Catholic funeral?

As the Diocese of Portsmouth funeral guidance says:

“The use of music in the various stages of the funeral is important, and carefully selected hymns and music will enhance the service, bring back memories of a loved one and provide consolation for the bereaved.”

However, that doesn’t mean you can have any music or songs you like. Your priest will need to approve your family’s choice of music, and check that it is in line with the Church’s faith. In general, that usually means only religious music before the mass, and ‘suitable’ non-religious music afterwards, but every priest has their own views. If you are moving on to a crematorium or graveside burial, you can have a much wider choice of music. We are happy to sing at both service and cremation or internment if you wish.

Not sure what music you can have for your loved one’s RC funeral?

Call us to discuss what we can sing for you and your family at any Catholic funeral in Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, and Greater London.

Do I need an organist?

In a word, NO. We always love to sing with an organist, however if you are not expecting a large congregation, or are not planning on any congregational singing then, we bring our own discreet backing tracks system to accompany us as solo singers, so an organist is not required.

See our articles on Catholic funerals for more details on timings and opportunities for music.

Catholic funerals during Lent

During Lent, some churches may choose not to have any music in the services at all, including funerals. Some priests allow it, but in general it will need to be a little more subdued than at other times of year. We have years of experience in helping you choose music that most priests would consider suitable – see our blog on “Catholic funerals during Lent” for more details.

Yes, one of us is Catholic!

Toni was raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic school, so she has a deep personal understanding and commitment to all parts of the service. Many families appreciate this understand as they themselves many be non-Catholics organising a funeral for a Catholic relative. If you’re struggling with organising the music for a Catholic funeral, call us – we are happy to help.

Do you sing the responses?

Not usually, because every church (and we mean, EVERY church) sings different responses. So we leave leading the responses to Father and the organist!

Our Lady of sorrows Effingham

Your singing blew me away.  You totally made the funeral something extra special and I was absolutely delighted. Everyone was asking me about you later on.  The way you sang Pokarekare Ana was perfect and so too were all the other pieces of music.

I just don’t know what to say other than you were totally amazing and I was utterly thrilled.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart – it meant the world to me to have wonderful music for my Dad  and you certainly provided that for us.

JM, father’s funeral, Our Lady of sorrows, Effingham, Surrey
Holy family church Addlestone

Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful musical addition to mum’s funeral.

Your voice filled the church – and made the celebration of mum’s life the respectful but happy one we so wanted.  You truly lifted our voices during the hymn choices – mum would have loved it.

BH, mother’s funeral, Holy family church, Addlestone, Surrey
St Joseph & St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Church, Bracknell

We wanted to give nan a really good send off. Kirsty’s solo was spine chillingly stunning and that set a beautiful tone for the whole service. Having music made the Mass memorable. It was definitely the best decision. Thank you for doing such a great job!

NJ, grandmother’s funeral, St Joseph & St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Church, Bracknell, Berkshire

How incredible you were at my late fathers funeral. Everyone was completely mesmerised by your singing and we could not have asked for anything more. I still have goose bumps now remembering how you sung ‘Pie Jesu’ and ‘Ave Maria’, as well as  all the hymns you led and sang beautifully.

You really did my father proud and I will never forgot you singing those pieces of music in his memory. These memories are now engraved into my heart and remembered forever.

SS, father’s funeral, St Joseph's church, Maidenhead, Berkshire

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