Music at cremations

Music can be at the heart of a service in a crematorium, be it a religious or secular (civil) service. A cremation offers just as many opportunities for live music as any other funeral, and with a more flexible format, can include almost anything you like.

​At Singers for Funerals, we can provide superb singing for any type of service held in a crematorium. Call us with your requirements or to chat through what type of music you’d like.

​When can I have music in a cremation service

Our funeral singers can sing at various points during the proceedings. Just let us know what you would like.

Religious cremation services

For religious cremation services conducted by a member of the clergy, the usual set format has plenty of scope for hymns and songs.

Some crematoria have an organ and organist to accompany hymns, or use a system of pre-recorded accompaniments. We can sing sacred solos and favourite songs alike, accompanied by our own pre-recorded accompaniments, for an extra special touch.​

Non-religious services

For secular funerals conducted by a celebrant or a family friend, you can choose the format yourself and include whatever music, reading or tributes you wish.

​Again, we’re more than happy to sing a favourite song or two as a solo, and we can even read a much-loved poem too if none of the family feel like speaking.


We’ve sung at over 130 cremation services at 37 different crematoria.

Planning a special send-off?

Call us on 01252 511762 to discuss your music ideas for cremation services, we have lots of experience and advice to share!


How long is a funeral at a crematorium?

Funeral services at crematoriums are allocated in regular time slots, usually 45 minutes, but some only 30 minutes. In practice, each service is 10 minutes less, as the crematorium allows five minutes for the coffin to be brought in at the start, and five minutes for the guests to exit at the end.

Some crematoriums now offer double-slots, giving up to 80 minutes of service time. If you want a more personalised funeral service with lots of music, or you have a large number of guests attending, you might like to book a double slot. Ask your funeral director for more information and availability.

Thank you so much for singing at Mum’s funeral yesterday. Everyone commented on what a beautiful voice you have and how it helped so much when you sang the hymns with us! Your version of “Nunc Dimittis” was perfect but made it very difficult not to cry. Your professionalism was much appreciated, and booking you was the best decision I made.

JS, mother’s funeral, Guildford Crematorium, Surrey

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was so fitting that my Dad “went on his way” accompanied by your singing which he would have so loved.

DG, father’s funeral, West Berkshire Crematorium

Huge thank you for today and how amazing you sang the songs. Your performances were incredibly moving, especially when you sang directly facing my nan. We had comments during the whole wake from everyone saying how beautifully you sang and how it made the service so special. Thank you so much, it was beyond what we were expecting and my nan would have been in her element listening to you sing.

MW, grandmother’s funeral, The Park Crematorium, Aldershot, Hampshire

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to dad’s service yesterday. It made it very special and many people commented on what a difference it made having you there.

JC, father’s funeral, Woking Crematorium, Surrey