Funeral FAQs

Funeral FAQs

Answers to your funeral singer questions

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  • Not sure how to choose funeral music, or what a funeral singer can provide?

Check out our FAQs below.

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Who are Singers for Funerals?2020-06-16T15:47:56+01:00

​Singers for Funerals provide experienced, professional singers as soloists for funeral services in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London and West Sussex.

Do I need an organist?2020-06-16T15:58:59+01:00

An organist is deal to accompany the hymns, but many are not happy playing more modern music for solos and special songs. So, we bring our own professionally recorded accompaniments (backing tracks), and a discreet Bose speaker. This has exceptional sound quality and does not require access to a power socket. So, if there is no organist available or the service congregation might be small, we can also play accompaniments for the hymns, so people can sing along.

How do I choose music for a funeral?2020-06-16T16:02:48+01:00

Browse our website, listen to our sound samples, and check out our articles for advice and inspiration. You are also more than welcome to call or email and discuss your requirements.

Do we need to book through a funeral director?2020-06-16T16:02:11+01:00

No, we can be booked by you and your family directly with us. About 75% of our bookings are made direct. . As a matter of courtesy, do tell your funeral director that we’ll be singing, so they can factor it into the funeral planning and preparations.

What will your funeral singers wear?2020-06-16T16:03:37+01:00

All Singers for Funerals soloists can either perform in black outfits, or in subdued coloured outfits if preferred. If you have a specific colour request for clothing – please do advise us.

Do you have some client feedback I can read?2020-06-16T16:04:57+01:00

Yes, you can find a selection of testimonials from Singers for Funerals customers on our Testimonials page.

Are you available every day of the week?2020-06-16T16:06:22+01:00

Yes, we can sing any day of the week, subject to availability. Please always call us first to ensure we are available on your chosen date.

Will your soloists sing with family members?2020-06-16T16:07:47+01:00

No, as professional soloists, we sing only with other Singers for Funerals professionals. We are more than happy, however, to lead family and friends in hymn singing, no problem.

Do you only sing in churches?2020-06-16T16:11:05+01:00

We can sing at any location approved for funeral services, including:

  • crematoriums

  • cemetery chapels

  • woodland burial grounds

  • memorial services in hotels or gardens

Can you provide funeral classical music?2020-06-16T16:12:07+01:00

So long as it’s written for a singer, probably yes. However, if you wish instrumental music beyond organ music, such as bagpipers or trumpeters, you will need to book other musicians. We can put you in contact with good music agencies providing these services.

Can you sing music at a wake?2020-06-16T16:13:13+01:00

We don’t usually sing at wakes as live singing makes terrible background music, and most people at a wake just want to talk! However, if you’d like us to, call to discuss.

Why music at a funeral?2020-06-16T16:13:48+01:00

Music plays an important part in a funeral service, and we hope to provide vocal music that is both uplifting and reflective, that celebrates a life and adds a personal touch for family and friends.

Music in funerals: who organises what?2020-06-16T16:14:21+01:00

When a family member or funeral director calls us, we discuss ideas for suitable music for the funeral service. We can liaise with the minister taking the funeral if required, and ensure that the music is appropriate for both the family and the service. We then liaise with the organist or pianist (if any), or select quality backing tracks from our library for our discreet wireless speaker system.

Are funeral expenses tax exempt?2020-06-16T16:15:05+01:00

All funeral expenses, including music, are tax free if paid for or claimed back through the estate of the deceased.

How many songs at a funeral are suitable?2020-06-16T16:15:50+01:00

Most families ask for soloists to perform one or two songs, and lead the hymn singing. However, we can sing more if you wish and the service duration allows.

How far do you travel?2020-06-16T16:16:36+01:00

We are happy to travel to locations in London, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Berkshire, but do call us to discuss locations further afield. Travel up to 5 miles locally from our base in Farnborough is free, after which we charge a modest fee based on mileage and accessibility of location. We also have an associate singer who covers the West Midlands area.

Do you just sing for traditional funerals?2020-08-23T16:54:50+01:00

​While both our main singers have been brought up in Christian traditions (Church of England and Catholic), we are more than happy to provide funeral songs for any kind of celebration of a life, including humanist / civil funerals, and memorial services.

Do you recite funeral poems?2020-06-16T16:18:25+01:00

Yes, often friends and family, find that reading at this emotional gathering may sometimes be impossible, so we are happy to assist. Remember, there are often musical settings of famous poems which we could sing as an alternative.

Can you sing songs by my favourite artists?2020-06-16T16:19:14+01:00

Yes, with one caveat:
If you love a song AND the person who sings it (such as Frank Sinatra singing “My way” or Bette Midler singing “Wind beneath my wings”) play the CD track.
If you love a song, and enjoy listening to different versions (such as the Judy Garland and Eva Cassidy versions of “Somewhere over the rainbow”), ask us if we’ll sing it.

We’ll bring our own vocal style to create a performance that’s unique and special to the funeral service, as no two live performances are ever the same.

Are you bereavement musicians?2020-06-16T16:19:59+01:00

It’s not a term we use, but we’re musicians for funerals, so we guess we are!

Can you perform gospel songs?2020-06-16T16:20:26+01:00

Our soloists are experienced classical singers, and do not have experience in gospel singing. (We love it, but we just can’t do it justice!)

Can you recommend a funeral director?2020-06-16T16:21:09+01:00

No, we do not recommend funeral directors, funeral homes, providers of funeral flowers, or other funeral services.

Do you sing at pet funerals?2020-06-16T16:21:54+01:00

Hand on heart, we haven’t yet, but we would be happy to do so if asked.

Do you sell the sheet music “Funeral for a Friend”?2020-06-16T16:22:40+01:00

No, but you can buy it at any good online music store.

You’re in partnership with Hatstand Opera?2023-07-19T15:39:15+01:00

Yes, our mezzosoprano Kirsty founded Hatstand Opera, and Toni is the company’s soprano. The two ladies sing both for Hatstand and for Singers for Funerals.

Can I hear you sing? / Do you have a cd?2021-01-15T16:52:56+00:00

You can hear us right here on the website, on our Listen page.

Can I book you for my own funeral?2020-06-16T16:25:46+01:00

Absolutely! The best way to ensure that you have the music (and singers) of your choice at your funeral is to let your family know of your wishes. You can plan all aspects of your funeral at websites such as www.finalfling.com, by filling in a questionnaire detailing your wishes, and requesting that Singers for Funerals are the singers.

Odd question I know, but do you sing for weddings?2020-06-16T16:26:58+01:00

Yes, we can sing at weddings ceremonies as soloists. See our website Singers4Weddings

Do you have any other websites?2020-06-16T16:31:52+01:00
Are you on Twitter or Facebook?2021-01-15T16:51:42+00:00

Yes we are – just click on the little icons in the footer to be whisked to our pages!

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