Funeral Music

Music at a funeral

You can have almost any type of music you wish at a funeral – there are no legal restrictions. This can make choosing funeral music rather daunting!

Music at all types of funerals

In any funeral service, there are opportunities for music. Just click to find out when in a service or ceremony you can include your choice of music.

What funeral music can I have?

At Singers for Funerals, we want you to feel free to choose the music that means most to you and your family. We can sing a whole range of music from traditional sacred solos to classic popular songs.

You don’t have to have just live singing throughout the service. You can mix live and recorded music, have an organist play and us singing to pre-recorded accompaniments, play a track from a favourite CD, or even have us read a poem. It’s entirely up to you.

If the funeral is being held in a church, your minister will need to approve the music choices, but generally they are open to all kinds of ideas. The Roman Catholic church tend to have stricter controls on what type of music and song is acceptable in church. Always check with your priest first.

Still not sure what is suitable music for a funeral?

We have a large repertoire of songs, arias and duets suitable for all types of funeral services or memorial service, so feel free to call and discuss your requirements or ideas.