Memorial Services

Memorial Services

Music at memorial services

Memorial services offer an opportunity to celebrate a life and share precious memories once the cloud of immediate grief has passed over a little.

There are no formal requirements for the format of a memorial service. It is a chance to remember a loved one in words, music and prayers that have special meaning for those left behind, and to celebrate a life well lived.

There are a few ‘rules’ on the types of music you can choose for a religious services, whether C of E, Catholic or other denomination. Do discuss your music wishlist with your family, your minister, and with us to ensure everyone is happy with the final choices.

Sections of a memorial service

Whilst there are no formal requirements, most memorial services we have sung at include most or all of the following musical elements:

Personal memorial services

Our funeral singers have sung at several memorial services and very much enjoy the more reflective and dare we say, enjoyable nature of these services.

​Families have asked us to sing a whole range of music, from much loved hymns to favourite childhood songs, opera arias, and even operatic versions of popular pop songs.​

Commemoration services

We have also sung at memorial services for organisations celebrating the lives of members who have passed away in the last year.

​Again, it’s a celebration of extraordinary lives, and the choices of music are as diverse as the people who the memorial services commemorates. For one organisation we sing every year too, for offering a special feeling of continuity for those attending.

Each ceremony is therefore unique, as individual as the person who has died, and as amazing as the life they’ve lived.

Memorial services in unusual locations

You can stage your own memorial almost wherever you wish. We’ve sung in, burial grounds, hotels and even in a pub garden, in the latter case as the deceased ashes were sent skyward in a rocket for a truly memorable ‘send off’.

Just a note of thanks to you for such a lovely and uplifting addition to our little Service. I had so many comments from those attending, you were truly wonderful, your signing was marvellous it really added to the celebration. ‘the service was moving for a lot of people. It certainly was for us’. I cannot but think how much you lifted people’s spirits, and you have a great gift in your voice.

NB, members memorial service, St Margaret’s Church, Lothbury, London

Oh wow! You were fantastic, everyone was blown away by your singing. Thanks so much for making our memorial for dad perfect.

JP, father’s memorial service, Hotel, Twickenham, London

Thank you that was truly wonderful, your singing was marvellous it really added to the celebration.

LM, Memorial Service, Winchester, Hampshire

Once again you were wonderful at the memorial service today. Everyone wanted to applaud. I think next year we shall!

FR, organiser, memorial service, St Giles, Reading, Berkshire