Funeral Types

Funeral Types

What type of funeral are you planning?

Whatever kind of funeral service you are planning, there is always a place for music and singing. We’ve taken the five most usual funeral formats we sing at, and given some ideas of how music and live singing slots into the proceedings.

There are few ‘rules’ for funeral music. So, feel free to imagine the ceremony music as you’d wish it, and do call us if you’d like it to include live singing.

Call us to discuss your requirements, or listen to our demo tracks at the Listen page

What songs can I have at a funeral?

There are no legal restrictions on what songs you can have. However, if it is a church or religious funeral, your minister should check that your choices are appropriate to the service.

How many songs can I have?

In theory, you can have as many as you like. Most church services allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for a service, so you can include different elements into the service to complement the religious content.

Crematorium services are usually 45mins, but may be limited to 30 minutes. This isn’t usually an issue, as you can include a lot of wonderful content into 30 minutes, including two or three songs.

Which are better – recorded pop songs or a live singer?

Actually, many people have both! A funeral service can contain your favourite pop songs, if your minister is happy with the choice, and the song’s lyrics won’t offend anyone. Having these songs sung in person by a singer, just for that service, adds that personal, unique feel that only live performance can.

Want a particular song but not sure if we sing it?

Actually, it’s more a case of, do you want us to sing it?

  • If you love a song sung by a particular artist, play the recording

  • If you love the song and don’t mind who sings it, ask us

We‘re very versatile, but do bear in mind that we are classical singers. So we don’t really sound right singing modern pop diva anthems – Rihanna, Adele and Lady GaGa do it so much better than us!

Cross-over classics

Many families really enjoy hearing us sing the ‘cross-over’ classics, as they sound so good sung live. These are songs with an operatic feel that often have Italian words and a pop feel, such as “Time to say goodbye”, “Nella fantasia” or “Bring him home”, and sung by artists such as Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo or Russell Watson.

Want to talk through your funeral music ideas?

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